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Derck Schipper flowerbulbs/export

We are specialized in packing and cooling of lily bulbs, preparing tulips - and amaryllis bulbs. Through knowledge and experience that we share with our customers, we can help to get the best flowering results.

Because of our prompt and adequate service, we are very flexible can be able to fulfill your wishes.
We offer a wide range of services.
  • Quality control by qualified inspectors
  • Desinfectation and packing of lily bulbs
  • Storage and transfer of various flower bulbes at different temperatures in the dedicated cool storages that are equiped with the latest control techniques.
  • Shipping / Export preparation of shipments
  • Year-round quality control
  • Storage
  • Logistical items can be handled
  • Receive import bulbs because of a customs approved inspection location.


Stede Broecweg 10
1611 HV Bovenkarspel

Tel +31(0)228 517 383
Fax +31(0)228 518 686
Email info@derckschipper.nl